Marv Kiley Viper

$ 15.99

VIPER STANDARD--9", 1.5 oz and size #4 & #8 Premium Colorado blades.


​MagnThis is where it all started. Let's face it, the Musky World has changed since Mr. Kiley started producing his own Musky Lures. Long gone are the days of having spots to yourself and secret lakes. Unfortunately, so are the days of quality vs quantity when it comes to Musky Lures.... But not for SLITHER, no way. We are still "Old School" when it comes to what we build. Yes, we may use new-age materials and components, but we refuse to outsource our products and sacrifice quality. YES, it takes us longer to do this, but WE control the quality.....after all, it's our reputation on the line. So we build every lure in our lineup the same way, from scratch and by han

All original MARV'S VIPERS are built with 100% Prime Northern Bucktail, .051 Stainless Steel wire, the highest quality spinner blades and hardware. Marv wouldn't settle for less and neither will we. These lures have truly stood the test of time and are favorites still today of serious Trophy Hunters!