Innovative Tip Down

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Catch More Fish With Less Hassle

The Innovative Tip-Down makes ice fishing easy, enjoyable and extremely productive.

The Innovative Tip-Down is the most professional ice fishing system on the market. Made in America, it’s built for durability, ease of use, and will help you catch more fish.

Innovative Tip-Downs operate by weight balancing. The upper inner tube supports the rod in a 45 degree upward angle. When a fish takes the bait, the rod simply tips down straight toward the hole, letting you know that a fish is on while allowing the fish to take out line.

Once you set the hook, the fish is retrieved in a hand-over-hand fashion. Such a technique offers zero resistance to the fish and lets you know precisely when the fish takes the bait.

Unlike conventional tip-ups, tip-downs produce more fish simply because there is no resistance when a fish grabs the bait. They simply tip down, as opposed to tripping a flag first. On traditional tip-up systems, the force required to fire a mechanism that trips the flag often causes fish to drop the bait.