Bucher Tin Buck 2

$ 23.99

Joe Bucher successfully hybridized the original Buchertail 700 by blending the flash of tinsel Flashabou to natural bucktail – creating the TinBuck.   In fact, the TinBuck has now become the go-to lure of many professional guides. This successful hybridization created a demand for a larger version sporting twin blades for those situations where muskies and other large gamefish seem to prefer a larger lure profile. Thus, the creation of the new TinBuck 2. 

A new 8 ½” long twin treble, twin #8 fluted blade version of the TinBuck sporting both natural bucktail and Flashabou. Initial field tests proved this could be Joe’s best in-line spinner design to-date! In fact, it was the #1 TV segment producer for Fishing With Joe Bucher this past season.  You definitely wanna stock up on these