Baitcasting Fly - Tinsel - Muntz Angling

$ 39.99

 Up your muskie game with the finest and newest type of lure available - The Convertible Baitcast Fly! This marvel from the tying bench is weighted for the baitcast rod and uses a wide array of soft materials for that streamer fly look common to the fly fishing world.

Our unique Choice Snagless Bucktail contruction is modified with additional elements for elite performance as a stand-alone baitcast fly. We have added buoyancy using foam float over a keel-weighted construction. This allows the bait to coast through the water, right-side up, then slowly sink on the pause. The foam is packed with two glass rattles for extra noise attraction. These elements of hardware are then protected with a tough mesh sheathing for great durability and background blend for the soft materials to be tied around. The 10" lure profile with these Tinsel Skirt Models uses 2 tinsel skirts on collars built onto this specialized wire skeleton.

Back to the weedless construction, you can honestly have the confidence to work these lures into ANY COVER! Hook guards shield each 5/0 VMC 4x Strong Treble until a fish bites down, allowing this lure to stealthily weave through obstacles unlike any other

Learn more about these weedless muskie lures with our video tutorial!

These lures are new to the market for 2018 and were rigorously guide tested in 2017 with great results. Fish tend to bite on the pause when working a jerk and pause method and know that if you feel any resistance, it is likely a strike! The lures are soft to the bite and fish do not use the reflex to spit them out right away.

Be at the forefront of ingenuity with the finest and most versatile muskie lure on the market. With that said, please understand that these baits are not easy or quick to construct and require procurement of numerous materials that incur cost. However, the end result is a higher functioning lure that can change the way you approach fishing for these elusive predators. You will find that these are highly effective for every month of open water fishing season - in springtime shallows, summertime emergent weeds, working river banks, and enticing slow moving late-season fish.